Phenoliva Skin Active – Bioactive Olive Fruit Extract

Phenoliva Skin Active – Bioactive Olive Fruit Extract

Natural antioxidant extract 100% upcycled
Rich in potent polyphenols (Hydroxytyrosol)
Highly soluble in water and in water-oil emulsions
Derived with proprietary upcycling solution
Extract with multifunctional properties

A sample of 10g includes packaging and shipping for €85. More details below.
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Discover the transformative effects of our bioactive olive fruit extract. Sustainably sourced in San Marino and refined in Switzerland, this hydroxytyrosol-rich extract is your ally in cosmetic innovation, offering benefits for skincare that go beyond the surface.

INCI: Olea Europaea Fruit Extract

More Than A Strong Antioxidant*
Hydroxytyrosol is a potent antioxidant. According to the literature hydroxytyrosol activates the skin's metabolism and promote its regeneration process, which results in a range of benefits for cosmetic applications:

  • Anti-inflammatory Properties
  • Anti-aging Effects
  • Protection Against UV Damage
  • Skin Health and Wound Healing
  • Skin Whitening and Anti-tanning
  • Anti-proliferative and Skin Protection

Performance Data (more data available upon request)

  • Reduction of ROS production upon AOX treatment and oxidative stress. 
  • Contaminant and Pesticide Free - Test completed ISO certified lab.

Suggested Use
Hydroxytyrosol is one of the strongest antioxidants, full of clinically proven health claims, and contains interesting bitter components. It is used in anti-aging creams and serums, moisturizers, sunscreens, after-sun lotions, face masks, acne treatments, lip balms, body lotions and hand creams.

On top of the specified applications, the extract offers effective properties for extending product shelf-life, and has shown antimicrobial effects.

Use level: 0.01-0.1%
Appearance: Viscous
Solubility: Emulsions, water, alcohol

Sample Quantity and Package Content
The sample is 10g. Each order comes with a Safety Data Sheet and a Product Presentation in digital form.

We are currently producing fresh product batches from the olive harvest 2023/2024. Please pre-order to reserve your sample. Shipping will start in 2024. The sample, packaging and shipping are covered by a fee of 85€.

Sustainably Sourced And Carefully Made in Switzerland 

  • Traceable with Certificate: Raw materials coming directly from olive producers 
  • European Origin: Sourcing entirely within Europe, purified in Switzerland
  • Scientific Innovation: Proprietary green extraction technology from the ETH Zürich
  • Upcycling Technology: From olive vegetation water rich in antioxidants
  • Circular Solution: One step further in closing the loop of wasted food by-products

Claims And Certifications
Compliant with vegan and cruelty-free standards. Get in touch with for further information.

*Scientific References 

  1. Hydroxytyrosol from olive fruits prevents blue‐light‐induced damage in human keratinocytes and fibroblasts
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