• Turning waste into value. Ton by ton.

    Gaia Tech transforms agricultural sidestreams to high-value ingredients for the processing industry.

  • Harvesting the hidden potential of food production waste.

    Building on the EIT-funded project “Phenoliva” from the ETH Zürich, Gaia Tech produces clean label ingredients for cosmetics, food, and feed manufacturers out of agricultural sidestreams.

  • We develop treatment and valorisation solutions.

    Our technology mines valuable resources from food production sidestreams and creates value for suppliers, partners and customers.



    Residues are often environmentally harmful and costly to get rid of. Sourcing waste materials from producers and processors benefits land and local communities.



    We analyze the sidestreams and realize the treatment and valorisation. Our technology integrates seamlessly into the workflow of leading business partners.



    Our industry customers have a growing need to replace synthetic with natural compounds. With our clients, we customise the product in order to fit their application.

  • Active compounds and additives for your applications.

    The features of our products are tailored to the needs of cosmetics, food, and feed industries.

    Active ingredient for cosmetics

    • Natural antioxidant extract from olive pomace
    • Balanced phenolic profile
    • Powerful anti-aging and antioxidant properties
    • Soluble in aqueous matrices and emulsions
    • Natural, healthy, sustainable

    Natural food antioxidant

    • Natural antioxidant extract from olive pomace
    • Soluble in aqueous matrices and emulsions
    • Shelf life extension of foods
    • Antioxidant and antimicrobial properties
    • Competitive pricing

    Activated carbon from olive pits

    • EU-made activated carbon
    • 100% upcycled
    • Plant-based product from sidestream
    • Alternative to coco shell carbon
    • High surface areas of up to 1000 m2/g
  • Customers and use cases

    Cosmetic, food, and feed manufacturers use our extracted ingredients to enhance their products.


    Cosmetic industries use antioxidants as active ingredients & preservatives for hair and skin beauty products.


    Food manufacturers respond to strong consumer demands to replace synthetic antioxidants.

    Pet Food

    Pet food and feed manufacturers use natural antioxidants to extend shelf life of their products.

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  • Team

    We help to harvest the hidden potential of agricultural production sidestreams.

    Claudio Reinhard

    Mechanical engineer from ETH Zürich passionate about circular economy and leading international projects.

    Enrico Tenaglia

    Biomolecular scientist with a strong drive for translating research into viable real-life solutions.

    Samuel Bühlmann

    Business and marketing specialist with a track record of running projects in the agrifood sector.

  • Advisory board

    Renowned experts advise the company.

    Laura Nyström

    Professor of Food Biochemistry at ETH Zurich where she leads the health science and technology department.

  • Supported by

    Partners and organisation that support the startup.